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Shape Magazine's November Fitness Playlist

Shape Magazine’s November Fitness Playlist

Shape Magazine’s November Fitness Playlist   Download this FREE playlist from Shape Magazine to help get you motivated at the gym! (Click the photo to start the download!)

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Making Realistic 2012 New Year’s Resolutions

With the New Year here now, many of us have started with new objectives, goals, and resolutions.  However, we don’t always keep them for the entire year.  In fact, most of us break out new years resolutions by March or April.  So we’ve made it our goal to provide support in helping you last at [...]

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3 Tips For Staying Motivated

In most cases, people take actions because they’re looking to personally gain from those actions in some way.  For example, when someone is beginning a new fitness or exercise program, they are usually highly motivated because they are interesting in losing weight, getting in better shape, or speeding up their metabolism.  Starting an exercise or [...]

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