Achieve Your New Years Fitness Resolutions!

Top 3 Tips to Successfully Achieve Your Health and Fitness New Years Resolutions

Set Goals
Setting goals is the most important part of successfully achieving your New Years Resolutions. If your goals aren’t thought out properly, you will set yourself up for failure. Follow these guidelines for setting goals:
Make Attainable Goals: Attainable goals are ones that you can achieve in a healthy manner. Trying to lose weight rapidly will only harm your body more then help it.
Make Realistic Goals: If you work 80 hours a week, it’s not realistic that you can hit the gym 5 days a week! Choose goals that you know you can achieve even if you have to work late a couple nights out of the week.
Keep Track of Your Progress: keeping a journal of your progress will give a more visual image of your progress and areas you may need to work on. In your journal, track your gym attendance or exercise hours, your weekly weight and measurements, and even your grocery bill. Not only can you track weight loss and improved energy, but you can also see a savings in purchasing healthier foods!
Make Goals Visible: The more you see your goals, the more they will be in your daily thought process. Keep post-it notes around your home or office reminding you when your favorite gym classes are or of a healthy weekly meal plan! No more saying “ughhh what’s for dinner!”.
Have a Backup Plan: No one likes to fail, but no one can see the future. Having a backup plan is a good idea for those unexpected events in life. Don’t let weather effect your gym attendance, have a no-equipment fitness plan you can work on at home or at the office! For ideas click here!

Surround yourself with Positive Support Systems
Having a positive support system is key in successfully achieving your new years fitness resolutions!  A support system can provide encouragement and company along your fitness journey. You can invite friends, family members or even your significant other to join you in improving your overall health and wellness.  This will not only improve everyone’s health, but will give you someone to drag to that early morning spin class before work.
If you want to go on the journey solo, make sure you have people you can talk to about your goals. The more people know about your quest to become more active and eat healthier, the more supportive people will be. They will compliment you on the changes they see and may inspire them to change their current lifestyles!   

3. Reward Yourself!
The whole point behind setting new years resolutions is to change things in your life that you are unhappy with. You may want to tone up certain areas of your body or eat healthier, either way, if you stick to your goals you will see and feel improvements. Once you successfully change or improve these things, you deserve to be rewarded!  You worked hard and you deserve it! If your main goal was to have a toned body in time for the beach season, treat yourself to a new swimsuit that features your new hard-earned improvements! If your goal was to eat healthier, go outside the box and take it a step further. Plant a home garden and treat your friends and family to a homegrown meal! Make goals for specific milestones you achieve along the way to your resolution, it will help keep you motivated to achieving your overall goal!

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