Winter Hydration Tips

Winter Hydration Tips

Drink Plenty of Water
In the winter months it is easier to see the physical signs of dehydration on your skin, but remember your  insides need hydration just as much! The average female body is consists of 65% of water, so keeping hydrated is very important for healthy functionality of the body. For your daily-recommended water intake, click here to use the LookSmart Water Intake Calculator!

Moisturize Like It’s Your Job!
You may use a daily moisturizer, however with the drier air in the cooler months, you should switch to a more heavy-duty moisturizer. Invest in a moisturizer that has Shea butter or aloe, as they tend to moisturize the skins deeper layers. Start your moisturizing  routine first thing in the morning when you get out of the shower. Pores are still open and allow more moisture in. Don’t stop there; use a moisturizer on your face prior to your daily beauty routine to aid the skin on your face and lips.

To help hydrate your skin in the winter, keep small bottles of lotion in your purse, gym bag and your desk at work for easy access.
At night, get into a habit of lathering your hands and feet with a thick cream. Then put on soft socks and gloves. This will trap in moisture to the driest parts of your body and prevent skin from cracking.


Don’t Forget Your SPF
Even though it’s the winter months, protecting your skin from the elements of nature is still important.  The suns rays are just as harmful during winter months then they are in the summer.  Use a BB Cream or daily facial moisturizer that has an SPF of 30 or higher beneath your usual beauty routine!  Not only will using an SPF in the winter help protect your skin from ultraviolet rays, but will hydrate and prevent premature aging.


Invest in a Humidifier
Keeping the air in your home full of moisture will also help prevent dry skin and other issues associated with winter dry air. You can purchase a humidifier for cheap at your local pharmacy or online. Or if you want to experiment to see if the purchase would be a great addition to your beauty routine, try leaving a bowl of water on your heat register in your bedroom to infuse moisture into the air. Having more moisture in the air at your home or office will decrease the need to moisturize as much during the cooler winter months. 

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