Top Fitness Gifts For Everyone On Your Holiday List

Top Fitness Gifts For Everyone On Your Holiday List

Athletic Barbie
All of us have a person on our list that already has a pretty strict fitness routine they follow daily. For these people, I suggest giving the gift of the latest fitness gear! If you’re going to the gym daily, your shoes and clothing are going to get a good workout too. Or if they incorporate at-home fitness into their routine, purchase equipment they could add to their home gym. There are lots of options depending on your price range;
Under $25 – A workout specific Water Bottle; One that can withhold the stress of being tossed into your gym bag or back seat of your car without spilling or breaking.
Under $50 – A dumbbell set for their home gym!
Under $100 – A pair of the hottest sneakers on the market!

Yoga Lover
I love Yoga! It’s such a great way to get fit. Being into yoga is also great for those who need ideas to purchase gifts because there are so many add-ons to increase your yoga experience! Yoga has accessories to fit every budget, so be creative; yoga mats, stretch blocks, or a fashionable new yoga wear are great ideas. Or if you’re looking to take a more creative and hands on stance, purchase your yogi lessons to try different methods of yoga!  I personally suggest Bikram Yoga, more commonly known as Hot Yoga, as it not only gives you a great exercise, but also flushes out the toxins in the body using heat and specific yoga postures.

The Male Fitness Junkie
All of us have a male fitness junkie or two on our list to shop for this holiday season. You can go the easy route of purchasing sporting event tickets, but I prefer to get creative and find gifts that really wow my male fitness junkie. Look into purchasing gifts that combine fitness and technology. Guys love showing off new gadgets that they have. Nike has a great lineup of fitness enhancing gadgets. These gadgets can play music,, monitor your heart rate, track the distance you’ve run and progress you’ve made during your workout. What guy isn’t going to want to brag about this gift?!


Giving the gift of a gym membership shows the gift receiver that you really care about their health and happiness. Being active has been proven to help increase ones overall physical health and well-being as well as help mentally and emotionally boost ones mood.  If you’re thinking of purchasing a gym membership for someone on your holiday shopping list, pick a gym that’s close for him or her to access. Having a gym closer to one’s home or office will eliminate the excuse of having to travel too far to get their workout in. Also try and get a membership to a gym that you also belong too. Having a workout buddy will help create a support system and encouragement through those tough early morning spin classes!

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