Top 3 Ways to Stay Active During the Winter

Top 3 Ways to Stay Active During the Winter

With the colder months coming up, I am starting to dread the inevitable winter weight gain and hibernation. But this winter is going to be different; I am refusing to stay home and away from the gym! To help keep this fitness goal, I have looked into different ways to stay motivated and active this winter!

1. Join an Indoor Sports League!
    During the cooler months, organized sports leagues are the best way to keep active. They offer a wide variety of different sports to participate in, as well as an opportunity to expand your social circle! This winter I’ve signed up for an indoor floor hockey and dodge ball league!

2. Set Goals, and Keep Them
During the winter months, it is just as important to set fitness goals for yourself as it was for your beach-bod prep. Set realistic goals for yourself and track your progress more often. Incorporate weight goals with fitness goals so you’re not favoring one side of your health over the other.

3. Set up a Home Gym
Cooler months, bring unpredictable weather. If you’re serious about keeping up with your fitness goals and routines this winter, unpredictable weather won’t stop you! You can set up a home gym for relatively cheap. All you need is basic equipment; yoga matt, skipping rope, 5lb weights and a couple of workout DVDs.  Make sure you set up your home gym in a section of your home that is visible. Seeing your workout equipment in your home will encourage you to make time and workout.

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