3 Exercises to Build Your Biceps

3 Exercises to Build Your Biceps

Once thing I want to quickly address is this “fear” that women have when it comes to weight lifting. So many women are afraid to lift weights because they’ll get big and bulky. This is absolutey not true. Unless your going to start taking steroids along with weight training! What weights do is tone, firm, and strengthen you so that when you leave the gym, your muscles actually continue to burn calories. One of my favorite muscles to workout are my biceps because I can visually see the results ☺ {looksmart]

Check out my biceps workout here:

At the Gym Instructions:

Biceps Workout

  • Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart.
  • You should have a dumbbell in each hand (you can use whichever weight you feel most comfortable with.
  • Now, curl one of the weights upward towards your face which the other hand stays beside you. ***For extra strength training, so this move slowly and hold the dumbbell up for a few seconds.
  • Then slowly move your arm back down to it’s original position.
  • Now repeat with the other arm.
  • Continue alternating arms – do as many as you can.




At Home Instructions:

If you find yourself with no weights, you can do the following exercises to strengthen your biceps:

Pull Up:

Pull UpIf you have a pull-up bar, great, but if you don’t just look for a highly stable table that you can use to pull yourself up from a laying down position.


You don’t have to have weights to do this, just find a heavier object such as a large book, tools, or fill bags with objects and curl them up.

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